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„Google“ Consent Mode v2

The Google Consent Mode is universally recognized as a website banner for accepting cookies or privacy policies. The primary principle of this technology is to transmit signals from the cookie banner to Google-integrated tools on the website, which can offer valuable data regarding conversions occurring on the site.

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It‘s time to update Google Consent Mode

Since March 2024, Google has required that all websites and apps utilize the 2nd version of Google Consent Mode. The question arises: what is it?

Google adds two additional consent parameters to the two it already has (analytics_storage and ad_storage) to support user-specific consents when sending data to Google:

ad_user_data: consent is given to send user data to Google for the purpose of displaying advertisements;

ad_personalization: consent is given for advertising personalization purposes, e.g. retargeting advertising.

Google Consent Mode v2 is an enhanced version of Google provided technology aimed at aiding website owners and developers in handling visitor consents regarding the use of cookies and other data collection tools while adhering to the requirements of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy laws.

Unique features of Google Consent Mode v2:

Advantages of Consent Mode v2:

The implementation of Google Consent Mode v2 ensures efficient management of consents and data collection, along with providing crucial insights into website usage and user behavior. Furthermore, this updated version offers additional knowledge for executing impactful advertising campaigns, taking into account user expectations and legal requirements.

Consent Mode v2 conversion modeling:

Let’s get in touch and ensure a successful implementation of Google Consent Mode v2!



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