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Website speed optimization

Website speed optimization service can boost website rankings. Slow performance is a common reason why a visitor decides not to return to a website. This is relevant for all websites, especially e-mail. for stores where the visitor has to experience an easy purchase process.

Therefore, if you want to reduce the loading time of your website, we recommend that you take additional work on your website, and for this you need to optimize your WordPress speed.

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Measure your site speed: How fast is your site?

What is the importance of website speed optimization?

Website loading speed is one of the criteria that affects page rankings. The faster a page loads, the higher it will appear in Google. A slow loading website can be the reason why visitors are lost and why your “bounce rate” increases because visitors just can’t wait. When creating a website, you need to keep in mind that both the client and Google search engines value not only keywords, design and other details, but also page loading speed. Therefore, fast website loading is a standard hygiene that is necessary for all websites..

The main works are performed:

  1. Evaluation of the parameters of the server hosting the website, optimization of settings, additional recommendations and, if necessary, assistance in migrating to a more powerful dedicated server, which we also configure;
  2. Updates to the site’s plugins, CMS and template used;
  3. Installation and configuration of security plugins (firewall and additional plugins ensuring that the website will be much more secure);
  4. Installation and configuration of the SEO plugin, additional technical SEO optimization work and recommendations for uploaded content to make the website more search engine friendly;
  5. Emails using the WooCommerce module optimizing stores for speed;
  6. Fulfillment of Google ranking criteria according to “Core Web Vitals”: Content loading speed (Largest Contentful Paint), optimization time until the page becomes interactive (First Input Delay), visual stability of the page (Cumulative Layout Shift);
  7. And other necessary works.

Price from 350 EUR+PVM


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