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Website creation

A website is your business’s business card in the digital space, which potentially increases business knowledge, and provides an opportunity to grow and attract potential customers.

In the modern and constantly changing 21st century, society needs to adapt to trends, so a website for your business is a necessity. An eye-catching website design, convenient navigation, and the latest technological solutions are the most important tools of a website to ensure successful business organization in the online space.

We are members of the global WordPress.org community, and we focus our website development process on using the WordPress open-source framework. We provide our clients with professional services and ensure the authenticity of the work performed.

Do you want to be the market leader? Choose our services and fly to the sky at rocket speed!

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Website development

When creating a website, we aim to present customer content in a structured manner, to create convenient navigation that will ensure comfort for website visitors. Each website creation process is individual, so we pay great attention to clarifying the goals of the website being created, to provide visitors with clear and easy-to-understand information. The created websites are adapted to all screen sizes, so visitors can navigate the website using not only computers but also mobile devices.

In the website development process, we also apply SEO practices, which ensure that the website is properly prepared and meets the requirements of search engines. We perform website keyword analysis, structure the website and adapt keywords and illustrations accordingly. So, if you want your website to immediately meet the requirements of search engines – choose the services of professionals, save time, and enjoy the best result! More about SEO services: https://rocketscience.lt/paslaugos/seo-paslaugos/

Are you worried that you won’t be able to improve the website yourself after choosing website development services? Our team ensures that each client will be able to independently manage the content of the website or transfer it to other responsible persons for correction. The WordPress platform allows for continuous improvement of the created website without significant additional costs. To monitor the visit trends of website visitors and their actions, the website also installs the Google Analytics tool.

Stages of creating a website:

  1. Creating the website structure
  2. Keyword development
  3. Content and design development
  1. Programming of website functions
  2. Internal SEO
  3. Website launch and testing

Technical specifications

In the process of creating a website, we are guided by a formed technical task – a specification that becomes an appendix to each project contract. This document is prepared during consultations with clients, in which the client’s needs, project completion date, and rates are identified. We test the implemented project based on this document, which ensures the quality of the services provided and mutual agreement.

Terms and prices of works:

Each website development process is unique, as projects are created according to the individual needs of the client, which also depends on the selection and application of technical solutions. Unforeseen things often happen in the world of information technologies, which also adjust the time of work completion, so in the whirlwind of work, the most important thing for us is not only the process of performing technical work but also constant communication with clients, discussing methods of solving problems in unforeseen circumstances.






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