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SEO services

SEO services will help you to appear in higher positions of Google search engine.
A person entering some word or phase into a search window can see the results in the highest positions if they are in the best match of the keywords and other criteria (there are approximately 200 of them). And these are the websites where the visitors are getting to.

Your website being properly arranged and managed can attract the traffic of visitors that are interested in your services and products and can later become your customers or buyers. The higher the position in the search results, the greater the sales.

We can boast multiple websites drawn to first positions in Google search using MOZ and Spauskcia white hat SEO technique.

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Prices of SEO services

The starting point should be medium/technical SEO and having it done we can start bringing organic traffic thanks to external SEO. It is advisable to implement the works in several months. We can plan a package of 4, 8 or 12 months or offer purchasing single services.

  • SEO audit – from 150 Eur + VAT.
  • Technical SEO – from 250 Eur + VAT.
  • Internal SEO – from 400 Eur + VAT (200-400 Eur + VAT/month).
  • External SEO – from 700 Eur + VAT (350-700 Eur + VAT/month).

How does Google search work?

When searching for something in Google, your search is not “live”, but in the list of Google websites. The index is created by Google search “spiders” scanning links present in the websites, therefore it is very important for your website to be a part of internet ecosystem, having both internal and external links. The better the quality and reliability of the external link, the greater importance it gains and better ranking as well.

Search Engine Results Pages

SERP – Search Engine Results Pages – are pages found by the search engines responding to the user’s request. The main SERP component is the list of results that are returned by the search engine in response to the keyword request.

SERP pages can be: image bar, website links, purchase results (product and price); similar fragments (paragraph, list or table); explicit articles; knowledge card (information about the topic), knowledge panel on the right (Wikipedia, etc.); news; related issues; Tweets.

One of the goals for search engine optimization is to appear among these results.

SEO audit

SEO audit includes needs’ analysis for technical, internal and external SEO works. Some information on how to carry out a SEO audit by yourselves is provided here. More about keyword’s analysis.

  • Target audience needs’ analysis
  • Visitor behaviour and website traffic
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keywords’ analysis
  • Request phases analysis that help the visitors to find a website.
  • Website bug analysis
  • Need for content improvement

Technical SEO

  • Website architecture – it has to be clear and logical, comprehensible both to the visitor and search engine spider as well.
  • HTTPS – security protocol encoding the information this way preventing unauthorized interruptions between the server and visitor’s computer.
  • Website performance speed – visitors do not have patience for slow performing websites and could leave to continue their search to the competitor.
  • Robots.txt – indicates which pages should be checked and which ones blocked by the search engine.
  • Website map (Sitemap.xml) – provides information to the search engine about the website’s structure and links. Links (URLs) – have to include a keyword, be short, words must be separated by a symbol “-”.
  • Links (URLs) – have to include a keyword, be short, words must be separated by a symbol “-”.
  • Readdressing of links – 301 moved permanently, 302 temporary.
  • Duplicate content or links – it’s necessary to indicate which one is the main.
  • Structural data – denotes a type of information that can be represented in the SERP window for a search engine.
  • Website status codes – OK – 200, Page Does Not Exist – 404, Internal Server Error – 500.

Internal SEO

  • Writing META descriptions for websites and products
  • Renaming images with keywords
  • Image size optimization
  • FAV icon upload
  • Content customization for Google search system
  • Linking with Search console, Google Analytics, Google My Business
  • Adding internal and external links
  • Detailed website texts providing important and customer-relevant information
  • Detailed descriptions of services and texts
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Client feedback
  • Presentation of implemented projects
  • Videos, questionnaires, infographics and other elements for attractive content provision and keeping the visitor in the website

External SEO

Advertising All communication actions and marketing campaigns generating links to your website and bringing quality traffic.

  • Writing articles and hosting them in TOP100 portals
  • Hosting of links in the articles on the web
  • Hosting of links in SEO catalogues
  • Hosting of links in customer, supplier and partner websites

We offer:

  • Website audit
  • Target audience needs’ analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keywords’ analysis
  • Technical SEO
  • Internal SEO
  • External SEO

Tools we are using for website audit

  • Google Ligthhouse
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • ScreamingFrog
  • GTmetrix
  • SEOoptimer

A few advice on managing SEO yourselves. Link to previous SEO courses. Our projects and provided services.


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