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Creation of e-shops

Create an electronic store and transfer the sales of your services and goods to the online space! A professionally designed electronic store will not only be a source of increasing income for your business but will also provide an opportunity to expand in other markets.
Choose the services of our team and enjoy successful sales all over the world!

In a society of rapid technological changes, the needs of the population are also constantly changing. Increasingly, priority is given to high-quality and fast purchase of goods in the online space, to save personal time. The main goal of every company is to satisfy the needs of customers, so taking into account the fact that the purchase of goods in the online space is increasingly important for customers, it is necessary to realize the sale of goods or services in the online space as well. Become attractive in the market, allow your customers to purchase goods in a well-prepared and technically well-maintained electronic store. Be accessible to clients from all over the world and enjoy great results!

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Creating an e-shop is our strength

We create unique electronic stores for our customers, take into account everyone’s needs, and help achieve the highest results. We promise constant communication and ulfilment of your expectations. We focus not only on working e-mail. Creation of the store, but we also ensure the speed of the website and the high-quality implementation of the payment system. We work with one of the most popular open-source e-commerce platforms, WooCommerce, and have extensive experience working with Shopify and Wix platforms.

In the e-store development phase, the most important thing is to find out the customer’s expectations and choose the right tools accordingly. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, one of the most used platforms for creating e-shops, with several free plugins that provide the necessary functionality. The platform is distinguished by its unlimited possibilities, which provide many functions and allow you to create a professional e-mail. Store according to individual customer needs.
Choose us and grow your business at rocket speed!

We offer:

We discussed the cost of creating an electronic store with customers before the project. We pay special attention to finding out the e-mail that customers want. The structure of the store and the framework of the allocated budget by e-mail. For creating a store, since e-commerce also depends on the allocated budget. Store functionality.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Creating an E-shop:

Choosing a Design: Template or Unique?

Number of languages ​​in the e-shop

Number of Categories, Subcategories, and Items

Product filtering criteria

Goods uploading features: Individual or Specific Integration?

Accounting, warehousing, and CRM options

Billing system – standard suppliers or unique?

Parcel services, couriers and delivery methods

Buyer’s connection characteristics to the E-commerce store

Invoice Preparation Features


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