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External Marketing Manager

Are you constantly focused on attracting a target audience, improving the company’s performance metrics, and increasing revenue? All you need are the services of our marketing manager.

In a dynamic market, companies need to stay competitive, and a professionally developed marketing strategy is the key to organizing successful activities. Organizations often overestimate their capabilities and strive to outdo their competitors in every possible way. However, the most crucial aspect is to be unique and effectively convey the company’s strengths to the target audience.

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Professional Marketing Manager Services – Your Key to Success

To ensure the success of your business, we offer professional marketing manager services. With 13 years of experience in the field, our marketing manager, working alongside the project manager, conducts a comprehensive analysis of your situation and evaluates your primary goals.

After gaining a deep understanding of your company’s core activities and organizational principles, our team of professionals fine-tunes the marketing strategy and implements a concrete action plan to significantly enhance your company’s performance indicators. To ensure top-quality results, our marketing manager dedicates their efforts exclusively to your project. When necessary, we collaborate with or recommend other external partners who can further boost operational efficiency.

We also prioritize confidentiality, pledging to use your information solely for achieving project objectives and not to disclose it to third parties.

Throughout the process, we place a strong emphasis on identifying your company’s operational principles and target audience. Our goal is to not only improve performance metrics but also foster meaningful communication with your customers. Understanding your target audience and clarifying their expectations are key to audience growth and achieving superior results.

We offer:

Service Pricing:

€900 per month (excluding VAT)
Contract Duration – 3 months,
with the possibility of extension.

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