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Rocket Science Baltics promise

When working with us, you will not be tied to one supplier, you will know in detail what, how and why is happening and what the budget consists of, and you will learn how to administer your websites and manage advertising campaigns.
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Rocket Science Baltics is a high-level team of professionals with 10 years of experience helping entrepreneurs and marketing specialists achieve their business goals: spreading a communication message to their customers and growing their business with the help of digital marketing tools.

We create WordPress websites, WooCommerce e-shops, and advertise them with Facebook, Google Ads and SEO campaigns. We create design and content, so we can offer all digital marketing services from one source.

We stand out in the market by offering not only what we have in-house and what makes the most money, but also what we believe in and what we believe will create long-term value for the customer. We are members of the global WordPress community, we actively participate in the activities of the Lithuanian Marketing Association and the Kaunas Chamber of Industry, Trade and Crafts, so we are the first to learn about innovations and trends.

When working with clients, we share experience, consult, and talk openly about processes and tools. Our goal is not only to provide a service, but also to help you understand how everything works and to teach you how to use the tools and manage them yourself. We do this based on the principles of honesty, transparency and accountability.

Operating principles

  1. We are always honest with our team members and clients, we value independence and responsibility – keeping promises and mutual respect are very important to our team.
  2. We strictly adhere to the stipulated obligations and deadlines. In the event of unforeseen events, we always inform the client and together we discuss and search for the best solutions.
  3. We value transparency and fair business: we pay taxes and only work with accounts. We don’t work with businesses that don’t pay taxes or don’t file on time.
  4. We create websites in an orderly manner so that in the future the client can administer them himself or improve them with any WP programmer and not be tied to one IT company.
  5. At the end of the month, we always discuss advertising reports with the client, name what worked and where we still need to make efforts. Based on many years of experience, we provide tips and suggestions on how to improve results.
  6. Project material or useful information received from the client: we review, save, delve into it, verify if necessary and immediately pass it on to the responsible colleagues.
  7. Once a year, we dedicate the team’s accumulated knowledge, experience and time, unpaid, to the implementation of a social project, thereby contributing to improving the quality of life of society and vulnerable groups.
  8. We pay our colleagues a fair and competitive salary on time and with all taxes.
  9. We always encourage team members to improve their competence: courses, seminars, etc.
  10. We protect each other, nature and the environment around us.
  11. We respond to customer inquiries and questions within 1 day, if a more detailed analysis is required, we respond within 3 days. If we have more questions, after gathering a team of specialists, we meet with the client live or online.
  12. We prepare the offer within 3 days. We only offer what we believe is useful for a particular business. We find out the needs, accurately estimate the work and do not change the estimate in the process.


Rocket Science’s mission is to raise the understanding, application and use of digital marketing by entrepreneurs and marketing specialists to a higher level, so that they can not only provide services and products that people need and value, but also communicate effectively with optimal use of the budget.

Our strength is a strong team that communicates effectively and is able to solve problems of various levels. We value every member, support, encourage improvement, and this allows us to ensure the highest quality services and implement even those projects that are completely new to us.


The idea to create an agency arose when Simon, while working as a marketing specialist in a holding company, received the task of creating a website for a group of companies. He had a clear vision, but the suppliers talked him into doing what was more convenient for them, or did not have all the services in one place and turned to their partners, which would have made it difficult to manage the project. Although complicated, the site was created according to the original vision and is still alive today.
Simon, having worked in the B2B sector for many years in both small companies and corporations and having extensive experience in cooperation with freelancers, decided to involve reliable partners and create a new agency. Darius contributed to the vision from the beginning and created the company together.
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