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Simonas Naudžius

Head of the advertising department • digital strategist • SEO specialist

A digital strategist integrates all online marketing channels and platforms, from SEO to paid media and content, into one effective plan that is used to market a product or service.

SEO specialist who has raised several websites to the 1st search positions in Google with the help of content, articles and adaptation of the website according to SEO requirements. Actively developing both internal and external SEO projects, consulting on SEO issues for companies such as “Audimas“, “Mantinga“, “Kauno grūdai“, “TGS Baltic“, “Terra Publica” and many others. Working with Google tools for more than 8 years: Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc.

Having worked in both small companies and global corporations such as 3M, he has gained experience that he is eager to share with businesses, helping them grow by taking advantage of digital opportunities. Creating something new and of long-term value in every workplace and activity. Simon helps businesses use data and make effective marketing decisions based on it, manage budget profitability and investments. The accumulated experience is especially useful for developing a small business without investment on a do-it-yourself basis.

Internationally certified marketing manager (NIMA B / LiMA B) with 10 years of marketing and sales experience. Co-founder and SEO specialist of the digital marketing agency “Rocket Science Baltics”.

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